Ms Andrea: 

  • Working together this year as a team

  • The year is already set into motion

  • Each person is playing their own instrument and together we make something beautiful

  • First week - getting to know ourselves and our friends

  • Second week - shapes and colors, transportation

  • Third week - apples, counting & measuring

  • Fourth week - fires safety

  • Need help with playground

    • Clearing spiderwebs and spiders

    • Open sheds for critters

    • Look in sandbox, rake it, do we need more sand

      • Ashlea H will be there this weekend to check on everything


  • Pay attention to your budget

  • Use amazon smile

  • Will provide frequent budget updates, so we all know where we are

  • Grant money, what other things can we use it on?

    • playground toys

    • light wall

    • New play kitchen

    • house corner furniture

  • Grant money this year is being used on 

    • New tables and chairs

    • Circle rug

    • Cabinets

    • Ms. Andrea’s desk

    • File cabinets

 Should we do a mailbox wall for notes to friends?


  • Explain the org chart

  • Class reps 

    • be the face for the classes

    • introduce yourself

    • go in early in the first few weeks to get to know the class

      • Action Item for Ashley G:

        • Check to make sure Lauren and Lia are not scheduled for the first week

          • not schedule - GOOD TO GO 

  • What is Job day

    • An opportunity to let everyone know what we expect from the year with each role and why.


  • food intolerance’s, no allergies 

  • How should we handle the food intolerance’s?

    • Stickers that parents can fill out each day and place on their child’s back

    • Ashley G to make sure they are stocked in office supply cabinet and out each day


  • Lets work as a team and communicate

  • Don’t wait and reach out to your contacts

  • Get to know each other

  • Be venerable

  • Goal oriented

  • Reach out for help if you need it, we are all a team

  • Stay on task


Let's have a great year!!