Each family is responsible for being on one Special Committee for the school year.(Families with more than one child enrolled in our program must fulfill one position for each child enrolled.)If the Special Committee you sign up for doesn’t work for you, then it is your responsibility to trade with another family.If a trade is made you must notify the Vice President so we have record of it. If you do not fulfill your Special Committee requirements fines can be levied.

December 13th
Coordinator: Ambika Schoeffler

  • Ashlea Handley

  • Kelly Hofstra

  • Kaila Tourluk

  • Dolly Patterson

  • Vanessa Pineda

  • Catherine Shaheen

  • Emily Raby

  • Raul Tricoche

February 22nd
Coordinator: Allison Becker

  • Carolyn Curtis

  • Lauren Cisneros

  • Lia Locarnini

  • Kelsey Rosendale

  • Alexandra Galeano

  • Crystal Billins

  • Courtney Enriquez

  • Natalie Williams

March 20th
Coordinator: Emily Raby

  • Ashley Gibson

  • Stacy Hartman

  • Ambika Schoeffler

  • Diana Laliotis

  • Melanie Graciano

  • Kellie Curry

  • Alexzandra Griffin

  • Sylvia Walpole

May 3rd
Coordinator: Alexzandra Griffin

  • Beth Bryce

  • Dolly Patterson

  • Felicia Klootwyk

  • Jasmine Feely

  • Allison Becker

  • Diana Laliotis

  • Alycia Penafiel

June 5th
Coordinator: Amy Wormald

  • Karley Obremski

  • Felicia Klootwyk