Each family is responsible for being on one Special Committee for the school year.(Families with more than one child enrolled in our program must fulfill one position for each child enrolled.)If the Special Committee you sign up for doesn’t work for you, then it is your responsibility to trade with another family.If a trade is made you must notify the Vice President so we have record of it. If you do not fulfill your Special Committee requirements fines can be levied.

December 14th
Coordinator: Allison Becker

  • Beth Bryce

  • Kyle LeVier

  • Tiffany Hazen

  • Irene Cairney

  • Sarahy Mora

  • Jasmine Feely

  • Whitney Chapman

  • Carolyn Curtis 

February 23rd
Coordinator: Ashley Gibson

  • Ashlea Handley

  • Leslie DeMedicis

  • Megan Cordaro

  • Valerie Thompson

  • Jenna Valada

  • Christine Chapin

  • Tiffany Schmit

March 22nd
Coordinator: Linda Bounlangsy

  • Maribel Castillo

  • Kassandra Imperial

  • Lauren Cisneros

  • Sarah Larson

  • Laura Day

  • Janee Bonilla

  • Taylor Lint

  • Alexandra Galeano

May 19th
Coordinator: Whitney Chapman

  • Ashley Gibson

  • Michelle Kelly

  • Sarah Pinsky

  • Dottie Kham

  • Gigi Mowrey

  • Erika Rubalcava

  • Christi Teachenor

  • Christine Chapin

June 7th
Coordinator: Alexandra Galeano

  • Michelle Gausepohl

  • Allison Becker

  • Natalie Williams

  • Dolly Patterson

  • Courtney Enriquez

  • Linda Bounlangsy

  • Kelsey Rosendale

  • Karina Hill