Imagine having the opportunity to help create and mold that first educational experience, working with an experienced teacher to make your child’s first years in school enlightening and exciting. That’s what we offer at Temecula Play and Learn School (PALS).

Our mission at PALS is to provide a safe and nurturing environment wherein teachers and parents work together to teach children through play-based instruction.  

PALS believes in a developmental philosophy in which a child is encouraged to grow at his or her own pace in an environment rich with child-centered and teacher-directed activities. Each day, the children are immersed in a classroom where they learn through play.

Social and emotional growth are number one at PALS because when a child feels comfortable, productive learning can take place. The parents and teachers are nurturing and interactive in order to promote successful growth in the children socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. PALS takes pride in its ability to bring families together to operate a school and help educate children.

Being part of a cooperative preschool offers parents the unique opportunity of watching their child grow in his or her first contact with a group outside of the family. It offers parents the privilege of being directly involved with the teachers and children who make up this important new group in the child’s life. Everyone benefits from the enthusiasm and new ideas that a cooperative generates, and from the commitment of its members.

Temecula Play and Learn School
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