May Meeting

Ms. Andrea

Lizard Wizard on Friday, the 3rd. Ms. Andrea won’t be there for the tarantula. ; )

The rest of the year will be about how seeds grow, and how butterflies and bees benefit from flowers. We will make a ladybug habitat and do a nature walk. Live ladybugs to release at be released at dusk. We will also have a frog and and a water week. 

May 13th and the 14th. Bill Reed, “Farmer Bill”, will come and talk to the kids about farming in the morning. There will be a demo on how seeds grow. Easy set up for the working parents that day.

On the evening of the May 13th scholarships will be presented at Dollars for Scholars event.

May 9th and 10th is the Mother’s Day Tea Party. Arrive at PALS at 10 am. You will stay till around 12:30. Kelsey’s mom will take photos of you with your PAL. Don’t have them wear their PALS shirts, instead you and your child can dress up. There will be finger foods, cookies, tea and juice and a special circle time. No siblings, please.

May 19th is the annual Family Picnic from 11am - 2pm.

May 23rd is Penny Pickles. May 24th Kinder classroom at Vintage Hills where the teacher is a former PALS mom.

June 4th Jr water day. June 5th water day. Regular morning but they come with suits under PALS clothes. 11:30 we go out to playground and have a lot of water play. Make sure they have a beach towel that they leave in their bucket. Apply sunscreen before school - Andrea can not put it on. Water shoes or something around their ankle. Lunch parent brings a popsicle or go hurt before they leave. 

June 6 Jr last day. Promotion ceremony at 12:30. Each PAL will get a certificate.

June 7. No school, but the SR are graduating that evening. 6pm please bring your PALS to the circle room. Dress up but comofortably. They will have a cap and gown on - no big bows, pony tails, or barrettes, please, as it makes it hard to fit the cap on. Ceremony will start at 6:30, reception will follow with food and dessert. 

Budget meeting on June 12th 10 am at Crown Hill Park. 

Hope we can enjoy all the days we have left together.


2 more lunch bunches on May 6th and the 20th. 

By laws meeting will be on May 22nd at 6:30pm.

No school on the 27th. Board dinner at 6:30.

Cleaning days May 18 and June 8th. Meet and Greet on the calendar is only for new families. Reminder that there is no school for the Seniors on Friday, just come at 11:30 for the Lizard Wizard. 


Updated job descriptions were passed out. We have eliminated and created some jobs based on the feedback we’ve received. 

New Jobs: Jr and Sr class representative. Hopefully a board position, but as that needs to be added into the bylaws, we won’t be able to make that official until we vote on it. They would take notes at the board meeting and pass along appropriate info to their respective classes. As well they would act as a liaison between the classes and the EB. Ambassador/class helper. They would be accessible to help parents to get familiar with classroom. The position would additionally thoroughly know by laws and be able to help enforce them, especially during the election time. 

Historian would manage photos taken in the classroom as well as take photos and be responsible for the directory and love notes.

Technology would maintain the rosters on the website, lunch bunch, etc.

Maintenance would stock the classroom as well as maintaining equipment/ facilities

Cleaning Day coordinator would open on the classroom on Fridays and Sat, do all the laundry, and be the point person for all of the cleaning day questions.

Arts and Crafts will be 2 positions. 

Added garage sale coordinator. Will be running two garage sales. Members will have to work one garage sale. 

Hoping that these will help fix communication issues and also we will need to have all this officially approved at the by law meeting, so please attend so we can discuss changes that you would like to see and be able to vote on them. If you have any questions about job/job changes, please feel free to contact Ashlea.

Job Binders

We are switching over to digital files on the google drive to be more efficient.  Anything in your binder that is a duplicate, is no longer applicable, or is not relevant, please discard. If you have done something differently, then please add that information as we begin to digitize all files. 

If you need your binder past the end of school, meet up with Ashlea after school is over, but hopefully no later than a week past the end of school.

May 30/31st Ashlea will be at the school to collect binders. 

We will help coordinate a seamless switch and facilitate conversations between old and new positions. Please return job choices to Declan Handley’s folder in the next week or so. We have a google drive that you can gain access to the files. Contact Leslie if you need access to the drive and we will send you a link. 


Tuition Payment due today and is our last one. June is already covered from the payment made at the beginning of the school year.

We will be raising tuition next year. Matierial and tuition raised. Sr monthly tuition will be $175 and materials will be a $75 one time payment. Jr monthly tuition will be $150 and materials will be a one time $70. These changes will be reflected in the new membership agreement.


Lizard Wizard on Friday. It will not be a normal day for Seniors. Juniors at 10am for an hour. Seniors at 11:30am. PALS t-shirts ok, but not necessary. He will do a demo - hands on, volunteers, and then the kids can line up and pet animals.

Juniors only field trip on Thursday May 23 at Penny Pickles. Meet at 9:45am on the side back door. Starts at 10am. $6 for each adult and each PAL. Money in Dylan Kelly’s folder by Thurs the 16th. Three and under is free. Siblings are welcome. 

Seniors only field trip on May 24 to the Kinder class at Vintage Hills with Ms. Raymaker. Meet at 10:15am in front of Vintage Hills Elementary. They will go in at 10:30 with Ms. Andrea and Ms. Raymaker. It will be for a half hour or so. No PALS shirts. We can do lunch at Meadows Park following the tour. 

Tuesday June 11 all PALS all family field trip to San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum in Escondido. $7 each person. 3 and under free. 10am Jr workshop. 10:30am Sr workshop. After that we are free to move around as we wish. It is a peanut free facility, so be aware of this if you bring food. No food inside the museum. Money turned in by May 31st to Dylan Kelly’s folder. Animals in the back, bubble tank, music outside. Meet at 9:30am in the front of the museum. 

Family Picnic

Email Whitney if you did not get the invite. Update the family picnic roster to reflect if you are coming. 

Still in need of a bathroom, so please let us know if you have an RV that you can bring. Pond is not protected, so watch your children. You can also bring your own fishing gear. Barb-less hooks if you do. We can bring BBQs and smokers. Bring the raffle baskets to the picnic. Water will be provided. If you aren’t sure, say yes so you can be sure to get a parking pass. The name of the facility is Sundance Meadows.


Going to Michelle’s for a game night May 3rd. Be Comfortable! Bring your own drinks. Bring an appetizer. Also bring your own game. If anyone has a karaoke machine, that would be fun, too. Michelle K or Beth may bring that.  

Sunshine Jars are completed. Thank you for your participation. Birthdays were announced.



$8 to Beth and shirts in the box if you have not already done so. Thank You!


We want to acknowledge that some members of our PALS community do not feel satisfied with how the Executive Board for next year was populated. The bylaws regarding the nomination and election process can be interpreted two ways. We interpreted the “must have the majority vote” line to mean that they must have the majority vote if an election was needed due to more than one candidate, as this is how we have done it in years prior. However, we are aware now that it could also be interpreted to mean that there must be vote even if there is only one candidate for the position. Therefore, in the interest of ensuring that everyone feels that the process is handled fairly and so that we can move forward on the same page. we will be having a vote. We are going to let each candidate have a chance to tell us why they are qualified for and want the position. Then we will vote. Each ballot has a place to mark “yes” or “no” for each candidate. The ballots will then be sealed in an envelope and brought to the front. Each member will also write their name on a slip of paper to be out in a bucket so that we may randomly choose one Jr and one Sr to be present during the counting of the votes. Once the votes are tallied, we will each sign the paper, take of picture of the results, and post it in an email along with the results of the election. In the event that a candidate does not receive that majority vote, the bylaws state that the Executive Board will come up with a slate of qualified candidates to be voted upon again.

Notes on the speeches:

Ashley G. for Secretay

Wants to be Secretary next year. Has an admin background, two kids in this year. Did scheduling this year. It feels like the right thing to do.

Carolyn for VP

3 previous years at a different co-op. Served on the board there and was VP there for the final year. Willing and ready to take on the role of VP. Hope that you will back her. VP can be put in a negative light. Its a hard job where you need to keep people accountable. Wanting to work with you, want more team building. She was at Ready Set Grow but because they moved to Wildomar she didn’t want to make the commute. Her boys are 8,7,5, and 3. She loves the co-op. This (PALS) is more family oriented with more camaraderie and events. She was scheduling coordinator and VP at Ready Set Grow. 

Ashlea H. for President

4 years at PALS. Arts and Crafts, scheduling coordinator. VP this year. Loves PALS. She wants more community building moving forward. She’s a SAHM mom and wants to be involved in her kid’s education. Going forward she would like to help foster and cultivate the community and communication. Wants to bring back the fun and the community feel. More team builing and getting to know each other well to better handle conflict. Has committed a lot of time and loves the school. Happily has taken on more responsibilities so that things run more smoothly and efficiently. She wants a Jr and Sr rep created to make sure communication flows more easily. She looks forward to working on the by-laws to reflect who we are now not who we were. She’s available anytime to talk and wants everyone to feel a part of the community. Wants to work together to make PALS the best it can be. Please give me the chance.

April Meeting

Pastor Rick shared the First Responders Event happening May 4, 2019

Gillian Larson shared her Survivor Story. Shared the Reality Rally event!


Two more months of school. Will be discussing Spring changes, baby caterpillars - lifecycle of a butterfly. 

Next week projects are in preparation for Easter. As well we will be sorting stacking, counting, graphing. 

Jr Spring Party is April 18th. Seniors - April 19th. This will be a regular PALS day except that at 12:15 we will go out to the playground for an egg hunt. Easter bunny will then come for a visit. Lunch parent can bring special treats. Please send each child with 10 plastic filled eggs. Good ideas for fillers are: stickers, fruit snacks, money, sidewalk chalk, but nothing that melts. 

Last week of April we will be celebrating earth day and do a nature walk. 

Kelsey’s mom will come Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs to take a mommy and me picture. Let us know what day is best for you as the mommy and sign up on the sheet that went around at meeting. Kids should be in their PALS shirts. 

Mr. Michael will be coming to pals the 17th, 22nd, 29th to film and interview the seniors. 

Thank you to the power washers!!! Michelle, Beth, Ashlea, Jasmine, Hector, Jenna, Tiffany.

Need someone to volunteer to use an electric sander to resend the edge of the sandbox.

Seniors spotted a snake today in the yard. We will need to check for snakes and spiders now - in houses, behind the shed, and along the back fence. 

We need egg cartons for the nature walk - cardboard ones are perfect. 

Juniors are showing so much growth and Seniors are looking like Kindergarteners! Friendships are blooming, also. 


New Executive Board for next year has been established. Since there was only one person that accepted the nominations for each spot, there is no need for a vote.

Ashlea Handley - President

Carolyn Curtis - VP

Ashley Gibson- Secretary

Beth Bryce- Treasuer

There was a discussion relating to some people feeling like the process was not fair. Please attend the by-law meeting if you want changes for next year. If you have further concerns please contact a member of the executive board by email or phone.


Family Picnic Baskets. Leslie sent out a google doc to the board members for the Family Baskets.  These are raffle baskets like at the Holiday Program. Each board member heads up a basket. After the basket themes have been chosen, a sign-up genius will go out for each each parent to join in on a basket that you want to contribute to. There will be two story time with Ms. Andrea baskets!

Dollars for Scholars - Prior PALS can apply for scholarships. We will be able to give $500 to all 4 applicants. Next year we will be able to give some to Murrieta residents as well. 


Senior Gift. New sensory bin for the classroom. Parent volunteers to stain, put hand prints, and seal it. This will give them something else to do other than the green table. 

Michelle K.

$6 per pal for Kenny’s Strawberry Farms. Be there at 10am. You will get 10% off any other purchases. Siblings are welcome. Sign up will be out this week or next. 

May 3rd. In-house field trip. Lizard wizard. No regular day for the Seniors. Jrs at 10am. Seniors at 11:30am. Lizards, tarantulas, alligators. No charge for this, thanks to the grant. Grandparents can bring a PAL, but please interact only with your PAL. Siblings are welcome to come as well. 


Spring Social this Friday - please buy tickets. It’s a Fundraiser!! There will be 2 food trucks - Devilicious, Q’s Tacos, live music, lots of fun! 2 glasses of wine per ticket. Ends at 9, but we have gone to Ponte in the past.


Family Picnic. 1st meeting on the 23rd. Took a tour of a Dude Ranch in Aguanga. Called Sundance Meadows. The date of the picnic is May 19th. Sign up sheet for letting us know if you are planning on going as well as for the parking pass. Dirt road going in. You can bring easy ups, chairs, etc. We will need one more trailer to use as a restroom, if possible.


Graduation June 7th. We need a PALS shirt/sweatshirt, or long sleeve shirt from each PAL by April 27th. There will be a box for the shirts to go in. 

Returning PALS please fill out your top three job choices. Please have them back in Declan Handley’s folder by April 17th. Don’t forget to write your name on it. Keep in mind which positions are on the board. Board meetings are an extra meeting every other month on a Wednesday night. 


Parents Night Out - PJ game night. Michelle Gausepohl has opened up her house for this event! Thank you! May 3rd. More details to follow. 

Sunshine Jars - Carolyn to Taylor. Gigi to Dottie. Alex to Linda. Laura to Sarah. Kassie to Dolly. Jasmine to Karina. Birthdays: Courtney, Sarah P., Alex

Important and Upcoming dates


  • 12: Spring Social

  • 16: Graduation Meeting

  • 18: Jr Spring Party

  • 19: Sr Spring Party

  • 22: Lunch Bunch B

  • 23: Family Picnic Meeting 1pm

  • 24: Open House 10am

  • 25: Jr Field Trip - Kenny’s Strawberry Farm

  • 26: Sr Field Trip - Kenny’s Strawberry Farm

  • 26: Cleaning Day 2pm

  • 30: Executive Board Meeting 1pm


  • 1: Last General Meeting 6:30pm

March Meeting

Dr. Liu, pediatrician, as guest speaker. 


Thanks to Ashley G. and committee for a great Dad’s Day and to Michelle K. for Sea World and Kelsey and friends for the book fair set up.

March 2 was Dr. Seuss’ birthday so lots of his books are in the classroom. The rhyming in the books is important for kids. We also discussed facts about him, so don’t be surprised if they tell you some of them.

We will continue with Ocean themed activities, books, and songs after our great trip to Sea World. There will be more fish activities including exploring real fish and an octopus - counting tentacles, looking at eyes, exploring and making prints. 

Next week we will celebrate St. Patty’s day. On the 14th for Juniors and on the 15th for Seniors. Working parents that day will be special helpers for the shenanigans. Snack parent can bring something special for snack. Have your child bring a homemade leprechaun trap. It can be made out of simple of materials you have at home. Just have fun with it.  Kiddos should come in their Pals shirt, but they may accessorize as they wish.

March 14th is the PALS Talent Show. We will start at 6:30 in Sanctuary. It will be a fun and casual night. Sign up sheet will be passed around. Siblings are welcome to join PAL onstage. Sound tech can play music off of anything for your child’s act. He will need an aux input. We can also use the piano. 

The following week will be welcoming spring. Crazy hair day will be the 21st for Jrs and the 22nd for the Seniors. This will bring us into spring break. 


Start thinking about your job preference for next year if you are returning. Seek out someone who has the job you are interested in to ask them about what it entails! Job descriptions are on the website for more details. 

Next month is the executive board decisions. If you know someone who is interested in the spot, or if you are interested, you may nominate someone or yourself. Talk to the person and see if they would like the position. If there is more than one person interested in a spot, there will be an election in the April meeting! 

May General Meeting will be our last. 

Check the calendar as we will have a meeting and lunch bunch A when we return from Spring Break! 


Book Fair! We get bonus bucks from books, so come buy! Thursday, Friday, 9:15 - 9:45,  then 12:45 - 1:15. And Sunday 10am to 12pm. We will accept cash, check, and card.  If you spend $10, you get 1 raffle ticket, over $30, you will get 2. Wishlist for Ms. Andrea for books or supplies.


Put in April preferences for work days by Friday. 


Birthdays announced.

Mom’s Night Out: Bingo Friday March 22nd at Pechanga 

Sunshine Jars: Erika to Gigi, Courtney to Jasmine, Kyle to Laura, Christi to Kassie, Kelsey to Alex, Michelle to Carolyn 


Speaker: Tracy Williams, Parenting Coach 

Ms. Andrea

February: Talking about Winter, Groundhogs Day, Valentines Day, Dad’s Day

Ask your pal fun facts about Groundhogs - what are shadows, what their house looks like, what is hibernations

Valentines Day. We will celebrate Wed 13th for the Srs and Thursday 14th for Jrs. They can accessorize but still have them wear PALS shirts. Bring a Valentine for each of there PALS, but no names please. We will start at 12:20 handing out Valentines. You can come if you want, but do not have to be there. Lunch Parent can bring a small treat and any other decor. 

President’s Day 15th 18th no school. Washington and Lincoln discussed as well as presidents in general. We will also talk about money. We’ll clean pennies and hypothesize what will clean them the best.

Feb 23rd. Dad’s day for Dad or significant male figure to come to a mini PALS day. PALS will show classroom to daddies. Jr: 9:30-11. Sr: 11:30 - 1.

Curriculum: More small than large motor skills. Counting, sorting, names, sequencing, zoo phonics. You can ask about letters. Will be showing them how to read a book without an adult. Don’t be afraid to create their own story based on the pics, its the 1st step to reading. 

Please remember to keep your PAL home if they are getting sick or if you are feeling ill, find a replacement for your work day. They won’t be learning if they are not feeling well, anyway.

Lots of hugs at home brings good health. Poem from Andrea about hugs. Happy Month of Love. 


If you want to order more t-shirts, order by Friday.


We are halfway through the year, so we are in need of some reminders:

  • You need to come to the EB for anything other than dealing with the kids. NOTHING in regards to PALS business goes to Ms. Andrea!

  • Andrea will be arriving at 9 am to prep the classroom. We will NOT be entering the classroom until 9:15, so do NOT go into the room, she needs this time to prep alone.

  • Once your child has been dismissed, they cannot re-enter!! Please keep your kiddos outside once they are dismissed, if you need to pick something up inside the classroom, ask another parent to watch your child while you go back in alone to quickly get what you need.

  • In the morning, when you get your project assignment, you will also get instruction as to how the table materials away, which you need to do after class dismisses.

  • Please do not talk to Andrea at pick up - text her or email her and she will get back to you.

  • In regards to Committees - Committee heads (coordinator) need to contact Ashlea immediately if you have any problems. We have a  non-participation fee that can be applied to anyone who is not completing their job duties in a timely or appropriate manner

  • Committee meetings will take place in the circle room with the door closed.  Ms. Andrea will be in the classroom, but WILL NOT be available for questions. If you have questions or issues, please talk to the Executive Board and we can help!! Meeting can take place outside of PALS, does not have to be at PALS. There is a box next to the door outside to the playground - one your table is done, put project pieces back into the plastic bag and put in this box for Jenna to sort through. 

  • On Fridays, everything but the tables and chairs need to get put in Rm 1 and 2 - including soap, cabinet keys, etc, stools. stopper for the doors. We will make a checklist.

Next month we will start thinking of jobs and executive board for next year. A member of the EB needs to have been on the board or have been in PALS for 2 years. The nomination forms for EB will go out next month. If you have questions regarding job descriptions, ask. Also if you are a Senior, start thinking about who may be a good replacement for you. April we will be voting for the new EB. 

Upcoming dates: February 15th-19th there is no school.

The open house coming up is only for brand new families. 


New website is up because old scheduling system failed. One password for everyone (redshirts). Will maybe change on a monthly basis. Only name and phone will be on the site. Self explanatory. You can pay tuition online. Calendar, work schedule, handbook, committees, job assignments. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, then please email Kyle. 


Email her blackout dates for March. Do not enter on the website yet!

Dad’s day - Space theme. Do not wear shirts - match Daddy if you want. They will play games, eat, circle time, craft, fun!

Michelle G. 

Trash into Cash Fundraiser- garage sale replacement. Fill the two bags with your junk. Clean out your closets - the form says what they can and cannot take. Thurs the 28th or March 1st drop off to Zerek’s Mom. If you need more bags, use them!! NO baby stuff, mattresses, large appliances. Nothing larger than a 20” by 20”. Separate soft goods and hard goods, because they will be weighed separately. Please make sure the donations are usable and in decent condition.

March 3rd is the Trike-A-Thon. Kids can bring scooter, bicycle, or tricycle. At Ronald Reagan Sports Park. Ask family and friends for donations, which can be a flat donation or per lap. Next week you will have info sheet and envelope in your folder. Money will be turned in at April General Meeting. Will also have a bake sale that day. Please sign up for that. Drinks will also be needed and sold, so if you want to donate those, that is an option too. 11 am on Sunday. We will need a speaker system if you know anyone that can donate it. There will be three heats - Junior, Senior, and then older siblings. 

April 12th - Spring Social Date Change 

March 14th - Talent Show at church 6:30 pm

Michelle K

Jr 11:45 check in to Imagine Me Grow. Senior trip is on Friday, also 11:45. Non-skid socks for kids and regular socks for adults.

Sea World. March 5th. 9 am report there to Michelle. Will go in as a group at 9:30 - we cannot wait for you!

One chaperone to one child ratio. $13 per pair. Should be only preschool aged child. $73.99 for other older sibs or for an “unpaired adult or child.”

Includes one show, but no rides and we are supposed to be leaving at 1:30. A “stay and play” wristband will be $50. If you stay after 1:30, you should not be “on a field trip” unless you have a wristband. Andrea would like to stay together for the 1st show and for a few exhibits. No PALS shirts. 

Date for money to be turned in: Feb 25th for Sr, Feb 26th for Juniors. CASH ONLY PLEASE.

Free parking in field trip parking area with flier from Michelle. 


Needs volunteers for book fair. Sun 10 - 12. Order Books from the fliers she passed out!!


Parents Night Out - Feb 22 at Temecula Lanes. 6:30 pm! Sunshine Jars: Erika, Courtney, Kyle, Christi, Kelsey, Michelle