Director                Andrea Borrell

President              Leslie DeMedicis

Vice President     Ashlea Handley

Secretary              Megan Cordaro

Treasurer              Beth Bryce


Arts & Crafts Coordinator                    Jenna Valada

Field Trip Coordinator                         Michelle Kelly

Fundraising Coordinator                     Michelle Gausepohl

Hospitality Coordinator                       Christine Chapin

Maintenance Coordinator                    Sara Pinsky

Membership Coordinator Carolyn Curtis

Parent Education                                   Maribel Castillo

Room Environment Coordinator         Tiffany Schmit

Schedule Coordinator                           Ashley Gibson

Technology Coordinator                      Kyle LeVier


Dad's Day Coordinator                       Ashley Gibson

Family Picnic Coordinator                 Whitney Chapman

Graduation Coordinator                     Alexandra Galeano

Junior Historian                                  Courtney Enriquez

Senior Historian                                  Laura Day

Holiday Program Coordinator           Allison Becker

Library Coordinator                            Kelsey Rosendale

Nutrition Coordinator                         Dottie Kham

Spring Social Coordinator                 Linda Bounlangsy

Room Environment Assistants
Janee Bonilla
Gigi Mowrey
Natalie Williams
Erika Rubalcava

Fundraising Assistants

Karina Hill
Jasmine Feely
Sarah Larson
Taylor Lint

Arts & Crafts Assistants
Kassie Imperial
Christi Teachenor
Lauren Cisneros
Dolly Patterson
Valerie Thompson




President – Shall preside at all meetings of the membership and of the Board, appoint special committees as required, keep licensing status current, shall be an ex-official member of all committees and shall act as liaison between the corporation and the Director.

Vice President – Shall preside in the absence of the President and shall maintain: the earthquake disaster supplies and notebook.They shall be the Chairperson for the Grievance Committee and By-Laws Committee. It shall be the duty of the Vice President to oversee the responsibilities of the Ways and Means Committee. The Vice President shall also keep track of membership participation in regular and extra committees to insure equal effort among members.

Secretary – Shall keep minutes of all membership and Board of Directors meetings, shall handle all correspondence, maintain record of attendance of the meetings, picks up mail at the church office and distributes, and keep class roster up to date.

Treasurer – Shall be bonded, shall receive all funds, pay out all necessary expenditures, complete all necessary tax forms, submit a monthly financial report and shall act as Chairperson of the Budget Committee and recommend the tuition fee to the Board. Picks up mail at the post office and distributes.


Arts and Crafts Coordinator: Meets monthly with the Director for all necessary preparation and supply purchasing. Coordinates and divides tasks between Junior Coordinator and Committee members. Keeps arts and crafts cabinet clean in room #1.

Field Trip Coordinator: Shall help plan all field trips as recommended by the Director and give necessary information to the field trip assistant. Provide permission slips and collect fees from PALS families for each planned field trip. Be the liason between the PALS families and the field trip venue prior to  and on the day of the field trip.

Fundraising Coordinator: Shall be responsible for organizing the holiday raffle and silent auction, spring social raffle, and trike-a-thon with the Fundraising committee.  Responsible for any non-mandatory fundraisers. Review ideas collected from the Fundraising Co-Coordinator and discuss with the Board.

Hospitality: Plan social events .i.e Mom’s night out, summer play dates, secret PALS, monthly birthday flowers at general meetings and holiday cookie exchange. Recognizes members at special times or in times of need.

Maintenance Coordinator: Shall be in charge of scheduling monthly cleanings, overseeing housekeeping, and stocking cleaning supplies. Shall be responsible for washing aprons and towels weekly, and maintaining all equipment.

Membership Coordinator: Shall maintain the active membership and waiting list, plan Open House and be responsible for having all health reports organized and up to date. New members shall be reported to the Director and executive board.

Parent Education Coordinator: Shall be responsible for planning an educational program at monthly meetings with the Director. Call all guest speakers to schedule and confirm speaking dates. Shall organize and plan general meeting refreshments with the assigned monthly committee. Shall arrive at 6:00 to open room, welcome our guest speaker, and set up before each meeting with the general meeting supply box.

Room Environment Coordinator: Shall be responsible for organizing the committee for the monthly seasonal decorations on all PALS classroom walls.

Schedule Coordinator: Shall be responsible for scheduling the parent’s work days and snack schedule for both classes, lunch bunch and special events.

Technology Coordinator: Maintains school website. Schedules and organizes school portraits.  Creates Love Notes and yearly roster.


Arts & Crafts Shopping Assistant: Responsible for attending the monthly planning meeting between the Director and A&C Coordinator. Shopping Assistant needs to be present to make a shopping list once projects are decided on for the month. They will be responsible for the monthly material shopping in its entirety along with the preparation of half of the month's project bags adn their delegation to the team. They will also take stock of the Arts and Crafts cupboards within the classroom and keep them full of necessary supplies.

Dad's Day Coordinator: Plan’s and coordinates Dad’s Day with Director and committee.

Family Picnic Coordinator: Shall plan and organize with your committee the annual PALS picnic activities and organizes food and events.

Graduation Coordinator: This position will be a Junior member to organize the committee for the Senior graduation; all Junior members are required to participate. Will work closely with Director.

Historians: (one senior, one junior) Shall upload and organize the classroom photos onto the PALS external hard drive/Shutterfly on a monthly basis, keeping track of how many photos each PAL has. Maintenance of PALS camera and its batteries. Work with the Director to organize photo discs for the graduating seniors. 

Holiday Program Coordinator: Organizes all the Holiday committees for the Holiday Program held at the Church. Attendance at the fall Board meetings is suggested.

Library Coordinator: Responsible for care of all books and Scholastic book order. Works with the Director to switch out books monthly and for all season changes for the PALS book shelf.

Nutrition Coordinator: Shall be responsible for the purchasing all kitchen supplies. Organize general meeting supply box.

Spring Social Coordinator: Plans and coordinates the Spring Social with the Director and committee.

Arts & Crafts Assistants: Responsible for all arts and crafts, including preparation, organization, purchasing and maintenance of supplies specifically for the Juniors. Coordinates with the Senior Chairperson. Keeps arts and crafts cabinet clean in room #2.  Makes class play dough.

Fundraising Assistants: Shall be responsible for collecting and distributing any fundraising materials to the Fundraising Coordinator and to help fundraise for monthly raffle items and school fundraising events.

Room Environment Assistants: Shall meet monthly as set by the R/E Coordinator to decorate the classroom. This meeting is designed to be a parent only meeting for safety and time constraints. In the event that there are children that do need attend because of babysitting issues, only PALS enrolled children will be permitted and one member of the committee will be assigned the sole responsibility of child care.